Makeup Artist

Queens , New York

About Missy Scarbrough

I am a makeup artist working in beauty, fashion, film, special fx, men's grooming and anything artistic. I am passionate about seeing the beauty in people inside and out & being able to help others see that beauty. As an artist i grew up painting and drawing and I like to bring art to life using makeup as another medium whether it's doing special fx, body painting, or just creating a work of art on someone.

Working hours

Working 24/7


  • Karin Elgai

    May 2017

    I really don't like wearing makeup, I feel like whenever I do it's always very obvious or lays heavy. When Elle Magazine sent Missy to my apartment to do my makeup at 5am I was skeptical, but she is without a doubt my 1st choice of anyone to do my makeup since then. It looked light and natural and made me feel absolutely gorgeous! Aside from the fact that Missy is a darling and a delight to spend time with, she is truly a master of her craft, and I trust her fully.

  • Erin St. Patience

    May 2017

    I have known Missy since we first worked together over ten years ago. She is a team player, a hard worker, and a creative soul.

  • Lev Melnik

    May 2017

    Missy is an incredible make up artist! We worked together during a tv series and she completely exceeded all my expectations. Missy created custom tattoos for the antagonist and shocked the crew by her spectacular blood effects. Thanks again for the great work and looking forward to collaborating soon! Lev

  • Tristan Pope

    May 2017

    Missy and I have worked on many projects together, ranging from small pet projects all the way to high end gigs with Amazon and large companies with tight deadlines and big productions. EVERYTIME and I mean EVERYTIME, she has come through. Not once have I ever had to send back someone to her. She is always readily available during shooting if there needs to be a touch-up and is very aware of continuity. As if her professionalism wasn't enough, she is a wonderful human being. Clients love her

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