Manhattan , New York

About Karin Elgai

Karin Elgai moved to the US at 19 and started her own company at the age of 23. At 29, she is now considered to be among the most promising young stylists in New York.

Working hours

Working 24/7


  • Niamh Adkins

    July 2017

    I worked with Karin for an outdoor shoot on a freezing, snowy day in NYC. Aside from dressing me absolutely gorgeously, she went above and beyond to make sure I was having a good day. She is incredibly talented, professional and one of the best energies I've ever experienced on set. The mood on set is everything. And she brought so much energy to it that it ended up being one of my favorite shoots. Amazing styling; amazing person.

  • Zawadi Noel

    July 2017

    A job is something you do, and a calling is something you are. Karin styles with such confidence, such clarity, and so much conviction. She is certainly called to be a stylist--a stylist who I will definitely be calling on for one of my upcoming music videos😘

  • Dannie HD

    October 2016

    The nicest, most professional, amazing Stylist I know. Karin's work speaks for her at this point. Can't wait for her to make my closet work for me!!!

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