Yuval YBoogie

Fitness Instructor

New York , New York

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Yuval YBoogie - Fitness Instructor

  • Setareh Sanjabi


    February 2017

    Yuval is one of my favorite yoga instructors in NYC. He really cares about how his students perform and progress. He has a very soothing voice that's easy to follow along with in class. He also brings a lightheartedness to each session with his sense of humor. :)

  • Aimy Ngo


    February 2017

    Yuval is an amazing meditation teacher and yoga instructor. I took a vibrational meditation class in NYC with him last summer featuring Shanee Habari, and we used Tibetan bowls during the class. It was beyond, beyond to say the least. Yuval was instructive, patient, and also injected good humor into the class. I highly recommend any classes with him!