We've brought managing and scheduling appointments to the next level, so clients can now quickly book time with their favorite pros in just a few clicks. Hassle free, 24/7.

What Are People Saying About Superr?

  • Karin

    Fashion Stylist, NYC

    I love this app. The service fee only applies to new clients from the app and is the lowest in the market. One of my favorite features is the name-your-own cancellation policy.

  • Troy

    Personal Trainer, NYC

    For my one-on-one sessions this app is the best. Simple to use and makes life easier. It’s the first time I get to be part of a community for independents who build themselves.

  • Lee

    Client, NYC

    Thanks to your app my impromptu event prep worked! In just a few mins I booked the perfect hairstylist (Jasmine Burnside) and the flower crown that I wanted (By Iris & Virgil) for my special day.

What Do You Get When You Join Superr?

A Professional, Sleek

Business Page

One simple place to display all your business information, service offerings and rates.



Your clients now have a secure place, available 24/7 to quickly book you in a few easy steps.



New clients can organically come across your business by searching Superr professionals around your area.



An inbox system, special offers and added-value features to help you continue growing your business.

How Much Does Superr Cost?

Downloading Superr is totally free.

There are no subscriptions or membership payments to worry about.

Superr is transaction fee based. Our fee of 10% is the lowest on the market today.

That fee provides us the means to keep building the best platform for your needs.

What Are The Most Common Questions We Get?

General Topics

Where is Superr Available?

Superr is available worldwide.

If you are an independent professional who provides services, there’s no better time for you  to download the app and set up your business page so clients can book you faster, anytime.

What kind of professionals are on Superr?

We feature professionals who work independently and provide an awesome service to suit your lifestyle. From beauty and art to health and fitness and so on. 

How does the Superr app sync with my calendar?

The Superr app syncs with the default calendar you have set on your phone (i.e., Google, iCloud) so your appointments will automatically be saved.

For professionals, the syncing processes is especially convenient because the Superr app will not display hours that are already booked on your default calendar - therefore you won't have to worry about getting double booked!

Can I book appointments via website?

Nope. All business management is done via the app - service listings, scheduling, appointment bookings and payments.

Client Questions

The professional I'm looking for isn't listed. What now?

It’s your time to shine and make your pros an offer to remember!

Invite your favorite professionals to set up their business profile on Superr so you can book them easily from now on.

To invite your professionals directly from your contact list, click on the heart shaped icon on the bottom panel and then on the ‘invite’ button.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

If you wish to make a change to your existing appointment, either cancel or reschedule, make sure to do so before the cancellation policy of your pro is kicking in.

How do I contact the pro for questions?

Contacting pros on Superr can be done directly on the app.

For a question about an upcoming appointment, click that appointment from the home screen of the app, and then click the message icon on the top right area of the appointment screen.

For a general question before booking an appointment, go to the pro’s business page and click the message button.

Professional Questions

How do I Invite my clients?

Inviting clients is easy. Once you're in your business page on the Superr app, click on the hot air balloon icon at the bottom panel of the screen, then click 'Invite'. This will allow you to send an invite link directly to chosen clients on your contact list.

Why should I invite my current clients to Superr?

Inviting your clients is highly recommended for a few reasons:

  1. Happier Clients - Your clients will have a seamless way to schedule time with you, book an appointment and pay you in a few simple steps - no more phone calls or text messages and no more invoicing.
  2. Waived Fee - We waive our standard 10% fee from any transaction booked by your current clients. If you've invited a client through the app, they enter our system as your client and no fee will be deducted, earning you 100% of the transaction.
  3. New Booking Opportunities - the more clients our professionals invite to Superr the more booking opportunities become available as the app gets filled with clients.

How long does it take for a payment to process?

Payments will be held in escrow till the service is complete. Once the service has taken place, the payment will be immediately released from escrow and will then take an additional 1-2 business days till it reaches your bank account or Venmo account.

What is Superr's cancellation policy?

Each professional sets their own cancellation policy. Depending on the amount of time they've indicated in their cancellation policy (i.e., 24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week etc), clients must cancel before that time period, otherwise they will be charged for the service.

What are Endorsements and how do I get them?

Endorsements are what you get from happy clients. They also serve as quality assurance for new clients. With every endorsement you get, your talent will become more and more visible.

Endorsements appear on the business pages of every pro on Superr.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

In order for refunds to properly route back to the client, professionals must cancel the appointment on the Superr App before the date of the service booking. We always advise to contact the client before cancelling the appointment.

Contacting clients on Superr can be done directly on the app.

How Do I Contact The Team?

Simply press this button to connect with our team members

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Where Can I Download Superr?

Download Superr App

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