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Ealeal Ginott

Giftologist: Gift Curator

Manhattan , New York

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I love to see the joyful look of someone who’s just been surprised with the right gift. The kind of gift that says you’ve really been thinking about them. In a time crunch for the perfect gift for a loved one, friend or colleague? Lost for ideas? Let me help you craft the perfect present for whatever the occasion may be. From concept & budget to gift-wrapped presentation, I’ve got you covered.

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  • Karin Elgai

    November 2017

    I booked Ealeal's services via Superr two days before the events they needed to be delivered for. Ealeal was gracious, speedy, thoughtful, and meticulous. possibly the best money I've ever spent. The 'Thank You' package was the only way I could properly express my gratitude to my future mother-in-law, and the 'Birthday Bonanza' made my good friend feel like an absolute queen. They were both so so happy to receive them - and I can't wait for a reason to hire Ealeal aga


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