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Barry Morgenstein


New York , New York

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Barry Morgenstein "Barry Morgenstein voted a record 3 times Best Headshot Photographer in NYC in Backstage Magazine's Reader's Choice Poll" www.barrymorgenstein.com www.facebook.com/bmorgenstein Barry is the most sought after headshot photographer in the NYC area. Barry also shoots in the DC/VA area along with Nashville. Barry is popular with Actors, TV hosts, news anchors, military , politicians, Doctors, attorneys and Executives.

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  • Michelle Lewis

    April 2017

    Barry and his team are among the most professional people I've ever encountered. From hair and make-up by his team to Barry himself, it's an enjoyable experience. On top of that, the quality of the photos is superb. I recommend him and his team to absolutely anyone needing professional photos. Top notch team, indeed.

  • Robert Monoson

    April 2017

    I flew to NYC from Florida just to get Barry to take my headshots, and they have served me well. From the headshots, I was able to get exclusive TV/Film and Commercial agents in Florida and Georgia, and I have also gotten work from direct viewing from them. He's an amazing photographer, and just a great person. Highly recommended!

  • Paul Fernandez

    April 2017

    Barry Morgenstein has an amazing ability to capture the moment. Whether doing headshots or live events, you see the magic. Novices come across as seasoned professionals in his lense. Professionals know they are working with an artist and are able to go to another level. He is the best.

  • Pat D'Amico

    April 2017

    I have been looking at Barry's work now for some time and I can't wait to him to do some head shot's of my whole family and friend's. His work is outstanding and certainly draw's attention.

  • William Morgenstein

    April 2017

    Barry Morgenstein is magic as his photos get into the soul of a person.

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