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Neil Jackson


Manhattan , New York

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"I just freestyle everything, I never put together sets. Every crowd is different, so one day I could walk into a hip-hop crowd, sometimes I could walk into a House crowd, or an old-school crowd – that’s the fun of it, you never know what you’re going to walk into. It’s crazy – it’s like, I’ve done full hip-hop sets and then seen the crowd shift, and it’s now suddenly an 80s crowd. It’s always a surprise." Read my Superr blog post here

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  • J.C. Santos

    January 2017

    I've been able to work with Neil several times and he never ceases to amaze! He continually innovates his sound and will get you moving before you even know what happened. Neil plays in NYC's most legit clubs and venues but I've seen him rock parties of all sizes!

  • Setareh Sanjabi

    December 2016

    Neil brings the party! His resume is stacked. He's DJed everywhere from intimate bar/club setting to huge EDM festivals. Well known throughout all of NYC, Neil is definitely a top ranked professional DJ!


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