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Troy Brooks

Fitness Instructor

Manhattan , New York

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Mobility, Strength & Body Composition An inspired strength and lifestyle coach who combines training and nutrition as a means to all-round wellness.Troy has coached high-profile clients and elite athletes, and works to give all his clients the ability to succeed past goal after goal. ☞ TB EliteFounder ☞ Lululemon Ambassador ☞ Core Water ☞ hyperice Ambassador ♕ Proud Husband ☞ Positive Vibe Spreader ✯ #ᴛʜᴇᴛʙᴇғғᴇᴄᴛ ✞= ♡ Read my Superr blog post here

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  • Tony Tone

    January 2018

    TROY...This dude embodies it. He's been through it himself. He does it with love. He does it with vigor. Bring out your inner beast with this man. Enough reading go find out for yourself. When I work out with this man I'm subconsciously forced to step it up, beyond motivation.... DRIVE!

  • Joe Boselli

    January 2018

    Troy is a ball of energy and positivity. I love his passion and how he is always his authentic self! He has been a motivation for me to continue to get stronger, work smarter, and be the best man that I can be.

  • Setareh Sanjabi

    June 2017

    The energy that this guy brings is priceless. It's contagious. There's no way you'll leave a workout session with Troy and not have a big smile on your face. His words of motivation make you feel like you can do anything - in and outside of the gym. Everyone should experience the TB effect! :)

  • Tamar Halevi

    March 2017

    I have worked with Troy for well over a year now. When I met him I was skeptical of trainers since I have had 2 back surgeries and did not believe I would have the ability to do any of those cool things you see people doing in the magazines with their trainers. Troy proved me wrong. Not only have I physically changed and become stronger than I have ever been (running 5K's on the weekends), Troy helped me change my outlook on what I can do. He is truly amazing.

  • Keira McCoy

    March 2017

    Troy Brooks is the epitome of an inspiration. He turned his weight loss journey into a successful admirable and lucrative career. His passion and determination is infectious and he absolutely deserves to be recognized for his achievements.

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