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FAQ page

or the “Here are some common questions you might ask yourself” page

  • Can I search for professionals outside of New York?

    Yes! Currently the only cities listed in our search are in New York, however if there is a professional who's on Superr, but outside of the New York area, you can search for them by name. 

  • Can professionals outside of New York join Superr?

    Yes! While our current focus is NYC, we are accepting nomiations globally to prepare for future expansion. 

  • Do you have an app?

    Yes, we do! The app is where all the action happens. You can explore, book, pay and manage all your service appointments.

    Download now!

  • Is Superr free?

    Yes. Using Superr is totally free.


  • Are there any fees?

    Yes. While downloading and using the Superr app is free, there is a 10% service fee deducted from the total transaction once the service is complete. This is a service and clearing fee. 

  • Can I book appointments on Superr?

    Of course you can! All bookings can be made through the Superr App. Download now to book your next appointment. 



  • How do I sign up to Superr?

    Simply download the app and log in. 
    If you're a client, you can start right away in exploring, scheduling and booking professionals. 
    If you're a professional, click on the "Switch to Pro" icon and begin creating your profile. 
  • How long does it take for a payment to process?

    Payments will be held in escrow till the service is complete. Once the service has taken place, the payment will be immediately realsed from escrow and will then take an additional 1-2 business days till it reaches your bank account or Venmo account. 

  • How does the Superr app sync with my calendar?

    The Superr app syncs with the default calendar you have set on your phone (i.e., Google, iCloud) so your appointments will automatically be saved.

    For professionals, the syncing processes is especially convenient because the Superr app will not display hours that are already booked on your default calendar - therefore you won't have to worry about getting double booked!

  • What kind of professionals are on Superr?

    We feature professionals who work independently and provide an awesome service to suit your lifestyle. From beauty and art to health and fitness and so on. 

  • The professional I'm looking for isn't listed. What now?

    We have two options here:

    1. Nominate them. We love meeting new people! Please nominate your talented professional, and if they pass our screening process we would love to add them.

    2. Tell them about the Superr app. They can join directly on the app and open their business page for booking! http://superr.io/app/link/

  • I can't find the profession I'm looking for. Why?

    They must not be on Superr yet. Have a profession you think we missed? Nominate them directly from the Superr app: http://superr.io/app/link/ 


    If it's a professional who's already on Superr, please contact us at Hi@superr.io and we'll look into it asap.

  • What are Endorsements and how do I get them?

    Endorsements are what you get from happy clients. It's a statement indicating their support for your Superr talent. They love what you do and they want the world to know about it. Endorsements also serve as quality assurance for new clients. With every endorsement you get, your talent will become more and more visible. 
    Getting Endorsed is easy. Simply send the direct link of your Superr profile to clients, once they're on your page they can leave their Endorsement. 
  • Who are Superr Members?

    Members are the awesome people who bring Superr to life! That includes our talented service professionals and our trusted clients.

    Professionals become Members one of 3 ways:
    1. Hand-picked by the Superr Team
    2. Nominated by an existing Superr Member
    3. Self-nominated

    Professionals can invite as many clients as they'd like to join Superr.

  • What if a professional needs to cancel an appointment?

    In order for refunds to properly route back to the client, professionals must cancel the appointment on the Superr App before the date of the service booking. We always advise to contact the client before cancelling the appointment.

  • What is Superr's cancellation policy?

    Each professional sets their own cancellation policy. Depending on the amount of time they've indicated in their cancellation policy (i.e., 24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week etc), clients must cancel before that time period, otherwise they will be charged for the service.